SALEM2SALEM Artist Residency

These are a four simple games.
They are made for you.

In a world that keeps us constantly in motion, these games help to loosen perception, break through entrenched patterns of explanation and gain a playful and flexible kind of attention and empathy for our surroundings, spatial and human.

You can play EARTH GAMES with others or alone.

Each of these games is simple. In the material, in the construction, in the use. Because, in order to understand the bigger picture, it is helpful to go back to the basic, elementary things.

EARTH GAMES are not about winning. There are no solutions, rather different possibilities, as many as you can think of and even more.

Observe and play.

Material: Aluminium, Copper, Wood, Stone, Clay, Cardboard

Thank you to Chelsea Southard & Michael Denker & Michael Oatman for support, talks and names.

All pictures werde made by wonderful artist Chelsea Southard.